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Baby’s Hilarious Reaction to Dad’s First Ever Telling-off Goes Viral

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This disciplined dad didn’t have much luck trying to tell off his baby son for the very first time – with the youngster hilariously bursting into giggles.


Nick Corum persisted in his attempts to warn his son, McKinley, “No!” after the one-year-old had attempted to climb up a stair gate. 

But with every yell of the word and a point, McKinley would break into a high-pitched laugh – much to the amusement of mom Dulce.

This was the first time Nick, 29, had tried to tell off his child, and since the moment was so amusing, he and his wife, Dulce, happened to capture it on film.

Despite McKinley’s mischievous actions, Nick said he could not be truly upset at the youngster as his reaction to the warning, on June 2, was so priceless.

Nick, who lives in Irvine, California, USA, said: “My friends and family thought the video was absolutely hilarious.


“Other parents have reached out to me and explained they deal with the same kind of issue.

McKinley chuckles as his dad gives him a telling-off
McKinley chuckles as his dad gives him a telling-off. ©The Corum Family / T&T Creative Media

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“As parents we are supposed to teach them right from wrong, and at times we need to put a poker face on, no matter how much we want to laugh.

“McKinley is the happiest baby I have ever seen, and he brightens my day. 


“It is a pleasure seeing life again through the lenses of a new life; he is excited about everything, and it makes me excited too.”



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