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Baby Shows How Not to Be Momma’s Boy by Defiantly Saying “Dadda” Each Time His Mother Prompts Him to Say “Momma”

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A hilarious baby shows how not to be a momma’s boy – by defiantly replying ‘Dadda’ every time his mother prompts him to say ‘Momma.’


Greyson Howard, aged 10 months, was sitting in a shopping cart as mom Summer asked him to say “Momma” over and over again at their local Walmart.

Each time, though, Greyson would reply, “Dadda” – much to his mom’s amusement.

Summer, from Mooresburg, Tennessee, captured the moment on September 5, and despite Greyson’s antics, she said he’s still a momma’s boy at heart.

She added: “It made me laugh because I know that he is definitely a momma’s boy, no matter what.

“Everybody has loved the video – it always brings a smile or a laugh to anyone that sees it.

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“I just hope it brings as many smiles and laughs to others as it has us.

“Our family laughs about this video almost daily.”

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