Hilarious Moment Baby Refuses To Say ‘Mama’ To Mom, Instead Repeating ‘Dada’

Cheeky Jack Hetzel refuses to say mama to his momma despite her best efforts


This is the hilarious moment a baby refuses to say ‘mama’ – instead siding with his dad and repeating ‘dada’.

The cute kid was filmed by his mum Lauren Hetzel, as she tried to teach him what to call her.

But adorably Jack, aged 7-months, simply refuses to play ball. With an almost cheeky smirk, he constantly repeats the word ‘dada’ instead, much to the amusement of his mum.

Lauren, 27, from Savannah, Georgia, can be heard chuckling to herself off camera.

She said: “I’ve been trying for weeks to get Jack to say ‘mama’, but no matter what I do, all he wants to say is ‘dada.’ He just has no interest.


“It looks like he’s picked his side.”

Lauren, who shot the video on March 14, says Jack has been saying ‘dada for three to four weeks, which prompted her to try and teach him the word ‘mama’.

She added: “His dad thought it was just hilarious.”