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This is the hilarious moment a baby learning to crawl will only move when a wad of money is placed in front of her instead of her toys.

Little Cambrie Turner, aged six months in the funny clip, is being encouraged to crawl by her mom Kayla who waves some toys to get her attention before putting them on the floor.

When Cambrie, doesn’t move, Kayla, from Carthage, Texas, then places some notes in front of her, and she quickly scoots towards them before picking up a ten-dollar bill.

Kayla was originally just counting some notes in her pocket when she realized it got Cambrie’s attention before crawling towards her – so she took out her phone to record and tried it again.

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She said: “Cambrie has always been an expensive little girl, since she is an IVF baby – but I had no idea I would have to pay her to get her to crawl.

“In this video, she was almost six months old – she is now almost eight months old – and was just starting to scoot around on the floor and figure out this whole ‘crawling’ thing.

“I kept putting a toy in front of her and she just wouldn’t do anything. She had no interest in attempting to crawl.

“She was even kind of whiny because she wanted the toy, but was mad because she couldn’t get to it.

Cambrie isn’t interested in her toys (left) but she is interested when a wad of cash appears (right). ©T&T Creative Media
Cambrie enjoys her cash after crawling to grab it (left) the whole family together (right). ©T&T Creative Media

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“On this particular day, I realized I had money in my pocket and took it out to count it.

“Not expecting a reaction, and just playing around, I showed Cambrie the few dollar bills.  She interestingly started frantically scooting towards it.

“I laughed and told my husband Corey what she had just done. I backed her up to see if she would do it again, and she did.

“That’s when I got my phone out to see if she would do it for the third time. She actually does it over and over again.”