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Woman Finally Fulfills Dream of More Than 20 Years by Surprising Sisters in New York After Multiple Failed Visa Applications

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A woman was finally able to fulfill her dream of surprising her sisters in New York after multiple visa rejections in a reunion more than 20 years in the making.

Adriana Rodriguez, 25, was just three years old when her eldest sister, Diana, 37, left their native Colombia and moved to New York to live with her aunt and cousins.

In the years that followed, Adriana’s other sister, Laura, 33, traveled to the U.S. as an international student, before obtaining a visa to reunite with Diana and live in America, too.

Adriana was just 12 at the time Laura moved, and, at that time, Diana had only visited home once – a period Adriana described as some of the happiest in her life.

From that moment, Adriana was determined to one day spend time with her sisters in New York, but in 2017, 2018 and 2019 three of her tourist visa applications were denied.


During the period the sisters’ father passed away, in 2018, despite the sad occasion it also gave them some time together when Diana and Laura headed home for his funeral.

This was only the second time Adriana had spent time with Diana since 2001, and during that period she had missed her sister’s birthdays, wedding and her niece being born.

In 2020, Adriana traveled to Canada to study, learned a new language, lived and worked in Toronto for a year and a half, before applying for her U.S. tourist visa again, without telling her sisters.

The girls together in their childhood. ©T&T Creative Media
And reunited in New York City. ©T&T Creative Media

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After the visa was approved in February 2023, she secretly planned a surprise visit to the Big Apple for March 3, which happened to be her birthday.

Having ignored her sister’s calls to offer birthday wishes, Adriana walked into Laura’s apartment, where Diana, who was on the floor, turned around and let out a scream as soon as she saw her younger sibling.

Laura, who initially only saw Adriana from behind, took a little more time to realize what was happening, before the three sisters headed in for a tearful hug.

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Adriana said: “I was overjoyed – I can’t describe with words the feeling of being in New York with them just like we all dreamed about for almost 22 years.

“This moment was truly memorable and a big accomplishment for all of us.

Diana and Laura react to seeing their sister. ©T&T Creative Media

“I feel proud of how far we have come in despite the challenges we have faced.

“The main message I hope others take from our story is to never give up on your dreams.

“It took us almost 22 years to be reunited in New York and be closer together, now I can travel anytime I want to the US and visit them, we have no barriers no more.

“It took a lot of sacrifice, hard work, and tears, but we made it.

“We ought to be patient and believe that what we wish for is going to happen one day, if we work hard for it and stay true to our promises.

“Just keep calm, work hard and be a good person to others, especially your family, and at some point, all the sacrifices will pay off.”


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