Penguin And Toddler Play Peekaboo At Zoo


This is the adorable moment a toddler plays a hilarious game of peekaboo with a penguin.

Little Jersey, aged three, was at Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada, when the penguin took a shine to her.

Stopping in its tracks as it swam by, it turned to look at toddler, before beginning to bob its head above and below the waterline – sending here into fits of laughter.

Jersey’s aunt Sara Addison, who had accompanied Jersey to the zoo along with her grandmother, said: “I had her stand on the stroller so she could get a good view above and below the water line.

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“Right as she stood up a penguin passing by stopped and started eyeing her up.

“The penguin started poking his head up and down and looking straight at her.

“It was like he wanted to play.”

After three minutes peekaboo, a large crowd began to form as others watched on drop-jawed.


Sara added: “Other people standing close by noticed and started to try and get the penguins attention in hopes he would play with their children but he seemed to have a shining for Jersey.

“She giggle and giggled and did not want to leave.

“Such a crowd had formed we thought we should give others the chance to have a better look.

“She loves to watch the video back and always gets a big smirk on her face when we talk about how much the penguin liked her.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media