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State Trooper Performs Hilarious Dance With Daughter

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A loving cop more than made up for his daughter’s disappointment when she found out her dance season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic – by learning her dance routine himself.


Lt. Tyler Kroenke of the Nebraska State Patrol went somewhat viral when his force posted a video of the lieutenant, dressed in full police attire, dancing with his daughter, Miela, 6, who appeared as Wonder Woman.

Lt. Kroenke – who also donned a cape for the March 21 performance at his home in Fremont, Nebraska – said that he spent roughly one hour a day for about a week learning his daughter’s routine.

Miela had been set a challenge by her dance studio, Wahoo Dance Academy, to teach one of her parents to dance following the news that her season had been canceled.

And Lt. Kroenke, 31, didn’t disappoint: In the video, shot by his wife, Ainslee, he matched Miela almost step for step – though, after the performance, the 6-year-old jibed, “He did well, except for his toe points.”

Lt. Kroenke said: “It felt great being able to do something for my daughter that made her and the whole family laugh and smile.  


“Dance is Miela’s favorite thing in the world, so for her season to get postponed was really devastating to her – it was the least I could do.  

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“We had a great time performing the dance, but she was a tough coach and demanded perfection.

“It’s been crazy how many times it has been viewed and shared.


“I am really surprised that almost all of the comments have been nothing but positive.

“Even at my work, everyone has said how it made them laugh or smile and that they really needed to see it.  

“A lot of other girl dads have given me a hard time saying, ‘Thanks a lot – now my kid wants me to do a dance video.’”

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