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A man was brought to tears when his long-term partner’s daughter invited him to her school’s daddy daughter dance – and he then pulled off the perfect evening.

When Marissa Ostendorf’s four-year-old daughter Nevaeh came home from school with a note about the daddy daughter dance, she knew she wanted to invite mom’s boyfriend Tylor West.

Marissa, from Texas, wanted to make sure this was a special moment for family, so took her to buy a teddy bear before Nevaeh proudly asked Tylor if she’d attend the dance with him.

Tylor, who works nights at his local sheriff’s department and looks after Nevaeh, and his two kids Grayson and Athena during the day, drops to his knees and brings Nevaeh in for a hug.

Marissa revealed Tylor was set on making sure the evening was perfect and even went outside to ring the doorbell to pick Nevaeh up as well as bringing flowers.

Adorable video also shows him twirling Nevaeh at the dance with the pair wearing huge smiles.

Marissa said: “After she asked him, he made it abundantly clear to me that he wanted to make sure it went off without a hitch.

“He wanted to do flowers, ring the door bell, the whole nine yards – he was so excited.

“After the dance Nevaeh came home and couldn’t stop smiling ear to ear. She told me all about the pictures they took, the dancing, and the huge poster they got to color.

“Tylor and Neveah love cooking, playing videos games and make believe. He makes sure to find time to do all this while working overnight at the Sheriff’s department.

“He takes care of his children, Nevaeh and his niece almost every day of the week. Then heads in to work at night.”

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Girl Surprises Mom's Partner With Invite To Daddy Daughter Dance

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