Sports Mad Kid Pulls Out Loose Tooth By Hitting Mini Home Run

Baseball fanatic Anthony wanted to emulate his heroes with his tooth pull!

A sports mad seven-year-old opted for a novel way to pull out his third tooth – hitting a home run.

Huge Baltimore Orioles fan Anthony Wallace was filmed standing confidently with a length of fishing line wrapped around one of his upper teeth before striking a waffle ball to yank it out.

And right after his mini home run sent his third baby tooth flying across the room, Anthony proclaimed: “Look, mom! I got three outs!”

Amy, from Lakewood Ranch, Florida, said: “Being a huge baseball fan, he wanted to try something baseball related to free him of a wobbly tooth.

“He had wanted to do something a little more daring after using a nerf gun to take out his previous two loose teeth.



“He wanted to hit a baseball outside but tropical storm Alberto put a wrench in those plans.

“So instead he opted for using a wiffle ball inside. And it was just as funny.”

The video begins with a close up of Anthony’s toothy, but cheerful grin, as he stands holding his plastic baseball bat aloft.

The camera pans along the fishing line stretched from his mouth to the ball perched on top of a stand.

And with one almighty strike, Anthony blasts the ball across the room – taking his loose tooth with it.

He instantly recoils as he realises the tooth has gone, feeling it with his tongue.

Before turning to his mom and declaring it his “third out”.