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80-year-old And Her Personal Trainer Go Viral As They Celebrate Her Completion Of An...

A personal trainer and his 80-year-old client have gone viral after the coach shared a video of them celebrating as she successfully completed a box jump she spent months building up to.

Teen Asks Youth Sports Coach Who Took Her Into Foster Care To Adopt Her

A teen gave her former sports coach and foster father a birthday surprise of a lifetime when he removed a blindfold and discovered a loving adoption request.

Man Cycles Cross Country To Have Emotional First Embrace With The Parents Of His...

A cycling enthusiast received a greeting like no other as he completed a cross-country bike ride to hug his heart donor's parents for the very first time. Mike Cohen received a heart transplant after doctors discovered a clot the size of a golf ball. His donor, the late Navy Lieutenant James Mazzuchelli, died on active service. So once Mike had regained his fitness post operation he embarked on an epic journey across America to reunite Lt. Mazzuchelli's parents with his heart again.
Champion bodybuilder

Bodybuilder Temporarily Paralyzed And Left Fighting For Her Life By Rare Disorder Returns Home...

A bodybuilding paralyzed by a rare autoimmune disorder surprised her family dressed as Wonder Woman after making a miraculous recovery.

Basketball Player Fakes Injury To Propose To Girlfriend

A basketball player faked an injury during a game only to then roll over onto the other knee and propose to his girlfriend who had run on the court to check if he was okay.

Nurse Mom Surprises Basketball Star Son On Senior Night

A mom who had been away from home for almost a year helping the COVID relief efforts in New York made a grand return to surprise her basketball star son on senior night.
wheelchair-bound teen sets up basketball play

Inspiring Teen In Wheelchair Fulfills Dream Of Entering Basketball Court For First Time Assisting...

A wheelchair-bound teen raised the roof at his senior night basketball game after coming onto the court for the first time to assist a basket in a play he drew up earlier in the season.
dad looks into softball at photos

Dedicated Dad Who Never Missed a Game Holds Back Tears as His Now-Adult Daughter...

A dedicated dad who never missed a single one of his daughter's games, matches, races or track meets struggled to hold back tears as he peered inside a surprise softball full of photographic memories. For Amanda Gardner, 18, from East Texas, her father Gary, 53, was not only her biggest supporter, but also her coach. That's why she wanted to surprise him after years of dedicated support as she prepared to head back off to college.
Landon scores during a basketball game

Basketball Crowd Goes Wild As Kids On Both Teams During Middle School Game Let...

Two middle school basketball teams showed incredible sportsmanship in a recent game. Landon Hayes, 14, from Bolivar, Missouri, was diagnosed with a condition called Global Developmental Delays in 2011, which puts him behind other children his age. But the huge basketball fan, who usually helps with managerial duties, was given a shot at fame. With his team the Bolivar Liberators losing heavily, the 14-year-old was brought into the game. But then the opposition did something truly special - they made sure he scored.

Police Officers Show Off Basketball Skills With Local Kids

A group of thoughtful police officers put their daily duties on hold to partake in a spot of basketball with a group of local kids.