Soldier Pranks Wife And Kids On Return From Deployment


A soldier who had been away on deployment for a year pranked his wife and kids on his surprise return.

SSG Jeffery Grimes, a National Guardsman, left for duty in Kuwait after spending last Thanksgiving with his family in Mississippi, USA.

Ever since, he hadn’t seen only communicating through video calls and social media.

So he was delighted when his nine month post came to an end and decided he would not tell his family the exact date he would return so he could surprise them.

After posting his belongings back – including his treasured guitar – he headed for the airport only for his flights to be cancelled.


The following day their flight was back on, but once back on US soil the delay had meant he missed his connecting flight.

After another delay he was driven to Dallas Fort Worth airport and caught a flight at noon, arriving back home in the afternoon.

But his family was out, having gone to visit relatives unaware he was heading home.

So mischievous Jeffery decided to set up his camera in the kitchen and wait for them to return.


Hiding out of sight, the first through the door was his 12-year-old son Leonidas.

As he turns the corner, Jeffery shouts ‘Boo’ – giving Leonidas a fright, before he realizes it is his dad and leaps into his arms.

Next through the door is 14-year-old Stardust, who is speechless when she sees her dad standing there in the kitchen.

She shouts for her mom Holly, who clocking the belongings sat in the porch comes sprinting in and jumps into her husband’s arms.

Lastly, youngest Amelia, 7, comes in and joins the group hug.