A man born with Down syndrome reads aloud a card to discover his future brother-in-law is asking him to be a groomsman and can hardly control his excitement.

Chad Mitchell couldn’t hold back his joy as he reached the end of groom-to-be Tim Morris’ card and read “Will you be my groomsman?” – immediately jumping towards and hugging Tim.

Tim, 23, set up the surprise with the help of his fiancée, Caroline Mitchell, 26, on September 5.

Chad and Tim have been close since they first met, and over the years the two have shared a mutual love for Elvis and Batman.

And so, at Caroline’s parent’s house, in Knoxville, Tennessee, Tim planned a surprise that would include Chad’s favorite cookies as well as a Batman-themed card. According to Tim, words are very important in how Chad feels loved, so he knew a written message would help best portray the emotions he feels to his future brother-in-law.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media