Soldier Daughter Poses As Patient To Surprise Mom At Work Before Leaving For First Deployment Overseas

They hadn't seen each other for months ❤️


A doting military daughter posed as a patient to surprise her mom at work before leaving for her first deployment overseas.

Ali Carrigan had not seen mother Karen Young for six months, and so, with the help of Karen’s husband, Jeff, she snuck into the Shriners Hospital for Children in Tampa, Florida, on May 23.

Ali Carrigan with her mom Karen Young
Ali Carrigan with her mom Karen Young before leaving for first deployment. ©Jeff Young /

Hiding in the hospital ward, Ali sat eagerly like a patient, waiting for her mom – who works as a orthotic and prosthetic technician – to enter the room.

A stunned Karen, 45, opened the door to find her daughter, dressed in military uniform, waiting patiently – before letting out a huge ‘NO WAY!’

An emotional Karen then darted straight in to hug Ali before the tears began to flow.


The moment was captured by Jeff, 64, who helped put the well-executed plan together.

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Having witnessed Ali’s graduation from basic training in December 2018, Jeff and Karen had not seen her in person since.

When it was announced Ali was set to be deployed later this year, she decided to collaborate with Jeff to organize one last visit home – and with a big surprise.


Jeff said: “We decided Karen’s work would have the best effect for a surprise.

“When it happened, I felt like melted butter.

“My heart jumped when I saw Karen’s initial reaction, when she saw Ali sitting there and then a flow of tears when she ran in to hug her.

“Everyone who has seen the video was overwhelmed.

“They all know how much my wife has struggled with being separated from her daughter.”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media