Police Officer Stages Fake ‘Arrest’ So He Can Propose To His Girlfriend


A man staged his own arrest with the help of a police officer as an elaborate ruse to propose to his long term girlfriend.

Beth had been badgering Jim Bates to propose to him for months.

But every time she thought he was about to pop the question, he never would.

Secretly, Jim planned with buddies from the police department a fake arrest that would throw his fiancee-to-be completely off the scent.

As the couple travel to a local clothes outlet in Jupiter, Florida, they are suddenly pulled over by a cop car.


As Jim stands with his back to the officer, he is handcuffed and told to get down on his knees.

Unbeknown to his confused girlfriend still sat in the passenger seat of the car, Jim is holding an engagement ring in his hands.

As the officer calls out to her to come out with her hands up, she edges towards the policeman, who tells her to stand in front of Jim.

Then suddenly, the officer says, ‘ok, sir – over to you’. At this moment, Jim bends his knee and brings out the ring.


Beth gasps suddenly with shock, before saying, ‘Yes’.

Jim, who works at Starbucks, had meticulously planned every last detail – even down to the exact point he would be pulled over, so his colleagues in the outlet could rush out and film the proposal.

He said: “My girlfriend kept asking when I was going to pop the question to her, so every time she would ask I would drop to one knee and she would say “not here now”.

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“I kept this up for about 12 or so times, but in the meantime I had set up this whole scenario after asking the Jupiter Police Department for their help.”


Jim arranged for all their family and friends to plot up at the window of the Starbucks so they could watch the proposal unfold.

Jim added: “After everything was set up, I told my fiancé that we needed to go get a long sleeve white shirt at a local clothing store.

“I got everything set including sending a map and detailed instructions to the Police officer that was to pull me over. 

“As I was on my way to the location, I could see the officer behind me and made a U-turn at a junction where there was a sign saying ‘No U-Turns’. 

“My soon-to-be fiancé immediately said ‘you’re going to get a ticket now, because you made the U-Turn!’.

“I was worried she had realised it was a ruse, but the police officer continued to follow me to the location we planned for him to ‘pull me over’.

“Right on cue he turns on his blue lights as planned and she says, ‘You are getting a ticket now!’.

“As I pull up, right infant of the Starbucks store I work at part-time, he orders me out of the car.

“Immediately one of my colleagues comes out and starts filming –  with my fiancé’s family inside the Starbucks to witness the entire event along with her best friend. 

“The rest is history, but I’m glad she said yes!”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.