Pikachu Proposal In Times Square


A husband-to-be pulled off the ultimate shock proposal, as he appeared from beneath the head of a Pikachu costume to pop the question in the middle of Times Square.

Meng Wang couldn’t believe her eyes as the stages of her fiancé Da Wang’s plan came together – first with her being ushered to Times Square; then having her friends from across the country appear; and finally, Da popping out from beneath the head of the famous character.

Meng, 25, headed to Times Square after being invited by her friend, Lena, and her boyfriend, Mitchell, who had suggested catching a Broadway show on what was to be Meng and Da’s one-year anniversary.

As Da, 33, headed to the bathroom in a nearby Starbucks, a photographer – hired by Da – suddenly appeared, asking if the group, now three, were movie stars from Crazy Rich Asians.

Finding the request hilarious, Meng and her friends thought the opportunity to get ahold of some professional shots was too go to pass up, so they began jokingly posing for photos, before Pikachu suddenly entered the frame.


Mitchell, a fan of Pikachu, conversed with the character too, and then, out of nowhere, Meng’s best friend from Chicago, Yuanxin, appeared – causing even more confusion.

Classmates from Meng’s time studying at Columbia University then appeared and, for the big finale, a violinist began playing as Da removed his head, got down on one need and popped the question, the request also appearing on a billboard in the world-famous square.

The couple are originally from North China but now both live and work in New York.