Good NewsPetsPasserby Captures Clever Dog Owner Using Drone to Exercise Their Delighted Pooch

Passerby Captures Clever Dog Owner Using Drone to Exercise Their Delighted Pooch

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An impressed passerby was amazed by a dog owner’s ingenious way of exercising their pooch by operating a drone the dog could chase.


Gregory Durbin, from Santa Rosa, California, was out on a five-mile trail run when noticed the dog and drone in a meadow near where he was passing through.

As he looked a little closer, Gregory noticed that the owner of the dog must have been using the drone to exercise the dog, given that it was floating slightly above its head.

Gregory took out his phone and recorded a quick video – in which the dog, clearly entertained by the flying device, enthusiastically jumped up and down as it followed the drone around.

While he was stopped, Gregory never saw the drone owner, but he assumed it must have been a resident from one of the bordering homes.

Though he recorded the moment on February 28, 2016, he didn’t share video until recently, when he posted the clip online with the caption, “Doggie + Drone = Exercise” and immediately went viral.


Gregory said: “It made me smile – the dog seemed entertained and not frustrated.

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“I never saw the drone operator, but I assume it was a resident in one of the homes bordering the park.

“There are days when I could use a drone to encourage me to get out for my runs. “Most people smile, laugh, seem to get the simple joys shown.”


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