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Kindhearted Strangers Carry Woman in Wheelchair Across Beach to Help Her Fulfill Dream of...

Kind strangers carried a woman in a wheelchair across the beach to help her experience the ocean for the first time in 15 years.

Mom Shares Video of Son’s Sweet Gesture to Sanitation Workers

A 3-year-old boy has shown his appreciation for sanitation workers with a sweet-hearted gesture that has since gone viral. Gabriel Martinez, who is fascinated by cars and trucks, set up a table outside his home with drinks and cookies for the sanitation workers who pass by his house.

Young Boy Who Loves Seeing Recycling Truck Gives Workers a Gift Before Receiving Pretend...

A young boy who loves seeing his neighborhood recycling truck surprised workers with a gift before receiving a pretend hug from the truck’s claw.

Boy, 2, Is Surprised With Toy Garbage Truck by Sanitation Workers He Loves to...

A two-year-old boy who loves watching his neighborhood's sanitation workers collecting his family's trash cans was given a wholesome surprise when they turned up at his door with a toy garbage truck.
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