Good NewsFunnyMom Shares Adorable Video of Toddler's First Reaction to Seeing Her Shadow

Mom Shares Adorable Video of Toddler’s First Reaction to Seeing Her Shadow


A toddler has an adorable reaction when she discovers her shadow the first time she explores outside after taking her first steps.

After 10-month-old Piper Ballard took her first steps inside her home in Ventura, California, her mom wanted Piper to experience the outside world on her own two feet for the first time.

As she rose to a standing position she immediately starting excitedly pointing at her new playground producing a shadow on the floor immediately catching her attention.

The toddler then proceeded to point at the shadows while then waving her arms frantically above head, unaware that as she moved to point that reaction caused the shadow moved, too.

All the while mom Jorden Ballard, 31, recorded the moment, laughing away in amusement in the background.


After Jorden decided to share the wholesome moment on social media it quickly went viral.

Jorden said: “This was the day that Piper actually took her first steps, so my sister and I took her outside to feel different textures on her feet but she refused to walk outside.

“We kept calling her to have her take a few steps, but she just wouldn’t budge.

Piper throws her hands in the air as she notices her shadow. ©T&T Creative Media
Piper left, and with her parents on her first birthday. ©T&T Creative Media

“We didn’t realize what she was distracted by until she started waving her arms and pointing.

“Once I realized what she was reacting to, it melted my heart.

“She was only 10 months old, so I had no idea that she would be able to put two and two together to realize that was her shadow.

“I hope others see this video and take the time to enjoy the little treasures in life.

“I know it’s easy to go through your day just to get through it.

“Capturing this moment brought joy to many and that’s all I could ask for.”


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