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Mom Screams With Joy After Daughter Sneaks Ultrasound Photos Into Fast Food Bag

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A mom was left in complete shock when she opened up her fast food order and discovered her daughter’s ultrasound photo, revealing she is set to become a grandma for the first time.


After discovering she was pregnant, Jennika Anderson, 31, who lives in Columbia, Maryland, decided she wanted to come up with a unique way to break the news to her mom, Lisa Wright, 55.

Before moving to Maryland, Jennika and her husband, Alex, 31, had spent time living with Lisa in St. George, Utah, where they developed a weekly fast food ritual.

Each week, Lisa, Alex, and Jennika would get takeout from their local Culver’s before sitting down at home to eat together and watch a show.

Jennika decided this tradition would be the perfect cover for her surprise when she was next home – and so, having purchased Culver’s for her mom, she slipped an ultrasound photo inside.

When Lisa opened the bag in her home on December 18, her jaw immediately dropped before letting out a number of stunned screams.


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Jennika said: “When Alex and I were thinking of clever ways to surprise my mom, we thought of keeping the Culver’s Tuesday tradition alive and putting it in her takeout bag.

“We bought the food and I hurried and snuck the ultrasound picture inside when she wasn’t looking.

“Her reaction was hilarious. She kept asking if we were joking.


“This is her first grandchild, so she was so excited.

“After the video ended, we sat and ate our delicious food and talked all about baby stuff.

“It’s been fun to share the video online and with friends and family because seeing the fun reaction and joy on my mom’s face was priceless – I keep watching the video over and over.”

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