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Lonely Sausage Dog’s Heart Melts Over Adorable Puppy Pal

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A sausage dog who became lonely after moving with her family to a new state was given a beautiful surprise when she was greeted by a new puppy pal.


Five-year-old mini dachshund Cambria had many friends to play with at her owners’ previous home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but after their move to Aurora, Colorado, they began noticing a change in her personality.

Alisha Scott, 25, said she and her husband, Jaden, couldn’t take Cambria to dog parks around their new home in Aurora and could see the move was making her feel lonely.

Though Alisha worked from home, she noticed Cambria sitting glumly on her pillow and, at times, howling on their security cameras when no one was around.

So, one day, Alisha started looking into finding a friend for Cambria and fell for a mini dachshund puppy called Cozy.

On April 29, at the family’s home, the pair were introduced for the first time, with Cambria’s excitement at meeting the new puppy clear for all to see.


Following introductory tail wags, the pair have been inseparable since, with the two dogs’ bond going viral on social media many times over.

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Across a page the pair now share, videos of Cambria’s evolution from loneliness to happiness have received millions of views and an outpouring of loving comments.

Alisha, speaking of that first meeting, said: “I have never seen Cambria so excited – her tail was wagging a mile a minute.


“Cozy was shy at first but came right out of her shell.

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“It was the greatest day of Cambria’s life, filled with instant joy.

“Sometimes you have to figure out the best thing for your best friend and just jump into it, even if you are apprehensive.

“Dogs are only on this planet for a short time and they deserve the best possible life.


“Cozy goes everywhere with Cambria. They do everything together – sleeping, playing, eating, sunbathing; it’s the cutest thing.

“I can’t imagine a Cambria without a Cozy anymore.”

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