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House Camera Captures Moment Family Realize Their Beloved Dog Who Went Missing Has Returned Home

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The joyous moment a family’s reaction to realizing their beloved dog had returned home after going missing for three days was captured on camera.


The Pleva family all spontaneously screamed with joy as they saw their one-year-old Great Pyrenees Antonian Sheperd mix, Sadie sat by their camper van.

She had run off three days prior during some neighboring fireworks, bolting from fright.

Donna and Chris Pleva had scoured the local area and posted on social media in a bid to track down Sadie.

T&T Creative Media
T&T Creative Media

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But after three long days, their hope was beginning to wane.


Then, on September 28, 2022, Donna and Chris walked outside in the morning to discover Sadie had limped home, suffering from an injury to her legs. Neighbors reported seeing her dragging her hind legs as she struggled back home.

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