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Girl With Autism Surprised With News Dog She Has Been Fostering Is Hers Forever

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A girl with autism was surprised with the news that her foster dog was actually her new service pup.


Willow, a cream lab and husky mix, has been cared for by the Baxter family temporarily at their home in Washington, USA.

@tsbaxter "Willow" is my daughters Autism Service Dog (In Training), but she thought we were only fostering for the last month while they bonded. The happiness is overwhelming ❤️ ♬ original sound – Tom Baxter

Daughter Zoey always thought the dog was being fostered by the family until it found a new permanent home.

So when her father, Tom Baxter, told her he had something to show her, she began to sob, believing the moment had finally come that she had to part with the dog.

Zoey, who has autism, can be seen sitting on the floor hugging the dog when her dad Tom says: “I got you something.”

A baffled Zoey looks up as he asks whether she would like to see a picture of the dog’s new owner.


She instantly begins to cry at the thought of the dog being rehomed, before she looks up and realizes the photo her dad is holding is her.

As the news sinks in that she is the new owner, Zoey gives off an audible gasp before she hugs her new service dog tightly.

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