Hungry Toddler Hilariously Browses Walmart Underwear Section Looking For Milk From Bras On Display


A hungry toddler hilariously browses the underwear section at Walmart while desperately trying to get milk from the bras on display.

Little Emmy, who was in the store with her mom Erika and dad Craig, loves to play in laundry at home so when the family go shopping she loves exploring clothing sections.

But on this day, the 14-month-old – who is still nursing morning and evening – made a dash for the underwear section and tried to nurse on the tan bras on display.

Erika quickly got her phone out and filmed the amusing moment, asking Emmy ‘where are the boobies’ as her daughter points to the bra and buries her head in them.

Erika, from Dayton, Ohio, said: “We were shopping in Walmart, walking around, and I look over and my daughter must have been hungry because she thought the tan bras were boobs.


“She is still nursing morning and night so she knows the word ‘boobie’ but has never done this before.

“She loves playing in laundry at home so when we go to stores loves the clothing sections – while wandering around I try really hard to keep her from pulling everything off the shelves.

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“I thought she was just going to yank the bras off the rack, then she started trying to nurse.


“When she kept trying to nurse I asked her where the boobies were and sure enough she thought they were the bras.

“Most of our friends have children and thought the video was hilarious.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media