A young girl’s adorable nighttime routine of walking around her family’s barn and having her doll give each of the horses a good-night pat on the head has melted hears online.

In the wholesome footage, three-year-old Grace is seen with her doll, Corny, walking from stall to stall within the barn to greet her family’s horses.

As Grace reaches each stall, one by one the horses gladly poke out their heads to say hello before bowing so they can receive a pat on the head from Corny too.

The cute moment was filed by Grace’s mom, Maggie Morley, at the family’s home in West Hempstead, New York, on January 21.

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Maggie said Grace has started carrying out this routine every day after school.

When she would arrive home, Grace would see Maggie, 33, and her husband Tom checking the horses, so she decided she and Corny also wanted to help out.

In total, Grace visits around 20 horses at the stable and all are glad to accept their pats.

Maggie said: “Since I grew up in the same environment, I’ve always known how gentle horses are with children.


“Even the high energy thoroughbreds and racehorses realize that kids are gentle, kind and innocent, so they react in the same way towards them.

“Grace asks to go to the barn every day after school and she sees Tom and me checking the horses every evening before we leave.

“So she and Corny started checking on them and giving them pats before we left.

“There are about 20 horses in the barn and she goes to every one of them, and they all gladly accept their pats.

“I hope people see how kind horses, especially thoroughbreds, are and how much love they receive.


“And also how important it is to raise kids with animals to teach them kindness, empathy and responsibility.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.