Horse Makes Great Escape Unaided From His Stable

Heidi Lawrence caught Colby's great escape red-handed and on camera after people at the stables were stumped as to how he kept getting out


A horse made a great escape from his stable completely unaided.

Hilarious video shows the adventure hungry horse using his mouth and tongue to systematically unlock his stable’s gate and get out into the paddock.

Heidi Lawrence caught Colby red-handed and on camera after people at the stables were stumped as to how he kept getting out and grazing on a large stock pile of hay.

After multiple mystery escapes, Heidi decided to try and film him in the hope he’d unveil his secret.

And right on cue, Colby cane seen leaning over his stable’s half door, gripping the sliding locks handle and slowly pulling it open. He then casually trots out into the open paddock.


Heidi, from Apollo, Pennsylvania, said: “Colby has been found many mornings happily grazing on the large stockpile of hay outside of the barn.

“Everyone assumed that someone had just not latched his door properly and blamed the barn shift from the night before.  

“When it happened time and time again, we all grew suspicious.

‘Most horses that escape at night when there are o witnesses and usually they would never do it while people are watching or filming.  


So, one afternoon I happened to be there and he had escaped twice already within 10 minutes.  In an attempt to catch him in the act, I thought I would begin videoing.

“A few minutes after being placed back into his stall, Colby shamelessly allows me to film his escape as he opens the latch with this mouth and proceeds to cleverly slide the door open with his neck.  

“He successfully escapes his stall so that he can leisurely and gluttonously graze on the large stock of hay situated outside of the barn, roughly 30 feet from his door.”

Since the incident, his stall has been secured with additional latches to prevent repeat escape – which so far he hasn’t managed to unlock.

Even after escaping, the horses are secured within the stables compound so that they cannot accidentally get onto the main road.


Heidi added: “We have a main barn gate that is closed every night to secure the horses from entering road, should one of them get loose.

“The owners have added an additional latch to ensure that he will not be able to escape again. And for now, it’s holding – at least until he figures out this puzzle.”