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A bride got her ‘furry tail’ wedding after her new hubby surprised her with her dream puppy during the bouquet toss on their big day.

Harmick Nazarians was well aware his bride-to-be Angela had been wanting a puppy since the day they met, regularly sending him photos of dogs she would see while working or shopping.

©Arka Photography / T&T Creative Media
©Arka Photography / T&T Creative Media

A couple of days before their March 2 2019 wedding, Harmick picked up the Goldendoodle puppy and kept it at a friend’s house for two days so Angela didn’t suspect anything.

At the reception, Harmick snuck the pooch in ahead of the bouquet toss and as Angela was turned the other way, he carried the puppy onto the floor for when she turned around.

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Angela immediately spotted the puppy and unable to contain her excitement launched the bouquet side arm straight at the female guests before running towards Harmick and the pup.

After Angela falls to the ground the puppy, which the couple have named Waffle, cuddles up to her surrounded by guests trying to get a look at the adorable dog.

©Arka Photography / T&T Creative Media
©Arka Photography / T&T Creative Media

Harmick, who lives in Sunland, California, said: “Angela had been wanting a puppy since the day we met, she has always had a love for all animals and had a poodle when she was younger.

“She always would send me pictures of dogs that she would see while shopping, working, carrying out daily activities and always goes out of her way to pet a dog that she sees.

“I kept the dog at her friend’s house for two days before the wedding. We had to sneak him in about 45 minutes before the bouquet toss through the entrance of the banquet hall where the reception was and keep him in the manager’s office until it was time for the surprise.

“She suspected nothing since I kept saying a wedding is no time to be giving her a puppy and said I will buy her one after we got married and settled in.

“She was in shock and was speechless – she said that it was the best gift she ever received.”

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