This is the emotional moment a great-grandmother finally gets to hug her great-granddaughter for the first time – the only member of the family she had never held.

Chris O’Brien and his four-year-old daughter Andi live in Okotoks in Alberta, Canada, thousands of miles from Chris’ grandmother Kathleen, aged 92, in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Although the pair talk on the phone every Sunday, Kathleen would always let Chris and Andi know she was the only grandchild that she never met or held.

Sadly, Andi’s great-grandfather passed away shortly after she was born, and the fact she never got to meet him had bothered Chris ever since.

But Chris’ girlfriend Robyn made sure they weren’t apart any longer, with a pair of tickets to go and meet Kathleen for the first time and give her the hugged she dreamed of.


After 8hrs of flights and another hour by car, an excited Andi gently knocks on her great-grandmother’s door holding a gift of flowers.

As Kathleen opens the door, she elatedly pulls Andi into her arms and says “there’s my little girl” while Andi beams with joy.

Dad Chris said: “My daughter and her great nan had never met each other but always talked on the phone every Sunday or a random call throughout the week.

“During these conversations my nan would always let us know Andi was the only grandchild that she never met or held.


“This bothered me since the day Andi was born as she never got the chance to meet my gramps as he passed away three-and-a-half years ago.

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“Before he passed the only way of seeing each other was through video. So my girlfriend Robyn made sure Andi was going to meet her great nan and she did with a pair a tickets to go home.

“We made arrangements to stay at my life long best friend’s house he and his wife were more than happy to have us stay with them for our very special holiday.

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“Andi got to go on her very first plane and meet her great-grandmother. She wasn’t scared at all because she was so excited.


“As we pulled into my nans, Andi had a huge smile and I was filled with a lot of emotion trying to keep it together.

“We opened the door, walked up the stairs and as a little hand knocked on her great nan’s door, my nan opened the door and history was made.

“Once inside her apartment she went all out with a nice lunch, because you just can’t go to nans for a visit and leave on an empty stomach.

“This by far was the best holiday not only for me, but for all involved. I cannot thank everyone enough.”

(Courtesy T&T Creative Media)