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First-Look Wedding Photoshoot Turns Out To Be Adoption Request

An emotional groom who opted to do a wedding day first-look shoot with his stepdaughter was brought to happy tears when he turned around and she asked him to adopt her.

Organ Donor’s Dad Walks Recipient Down Aisle On Her Wedding Day

An organ donation recipient offered up a loving gesture on her wedding day when she asked her donor's father to walk her down the aisle.

Elderly Man Goes Viral As He Is Caught On Video Wholesomely Writing Chalk Messages...

An elderly man has gone viral after he was caught on video writing wholesome chalk messages back to a group of neighborhood children.
Singing hospital security guard

Security Guard Serenades Cancer Patient To Brighten Her Day

A singing hospital security guard left one elderly patient in floods of happy tears as he serenaded her with a Nat King Cole classic to brighten her day.

Bride With Cerebral Palsy Walks Unaided Down Aisle On Wedding Day

A bride who was born with cerebral palsy surprised friends and family by standing on her own two feet and walking down the aisle.

Professional Dancer Goes Viral Bringing Positivity To Others As He Dances His Way Into...

A professional dancer has gone viral bringing joy to others during a time of personal despair as he opted to dance his way into his first stage of cancer treatment.

Girl Born With No Hip Sockets Defies Doctors To Take First Steps After Learning...

An adorable young girl who was born with no hip sockets has defied doctors’ predictions and taken her very first steps.

Emotional First Dance Between Girl And Brother With Special Needs Who Has No Motor...

This is the emotional moment a two-year-old boy with special needs was able to dance with his older sister for the very first time.
neighbors sign happy birthday to deaf boy

Neighbors Learn Sign Language So They Can Sign Happy Birthday To Boy Who Is...

A boy who is deaf was given a birthday surprise he will never forget despite isolation rules, as his entire neighborhood signed Happy Birthday to him from the street.

87-Year-Old Receives Outpouring Of Love Online When He Brings Binder Of Poems He Writes...

A security officer was given a wholesome surprise when his 87-year-old coworker decided to give him a reading from a binder of poems he writes for his wife.