This talented musician has a rather unique jamming partner in the form of a goat who was rescued from slaughter.

Katie Buxton often performs next to seven-year-old Brave Heart, who can be seen swooning and resting his head on the musician’s guitar as he listens approvingly.

In other videos, Brave Heart nuzzles into Katie, climbs on her, and even enjoys a little snack while the 24-year-old musician strums next to him.

Katie, 24, moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to Los Angeles, California, in May 2018.

Feeling burnt out from working in the music industry, Katie said she wanted strip things back and incorporate her second love, animals, into her work.


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Having contacted The Gentle Barn, in Santa Clarita, California, Katie became a volunteer and was introduced to Brave Heart, a Boer goat who was rescued after escaping slaughter.

Brave Heart now lives out his days at the farm, and the thing Katie likes most about the sessions is how “pure and genuine” they are.

Katie, who is originally from Philadelphia, said her fans “love” Brave Heart and the musician plans to make more videos introducing different animals.


Katie said: “It feels amazing!

“There is nothing quite like having a big fuzzy head resting on my guitar and in my neck while I do the thing I love the most. 

“It feels like everything is perfect in the world.

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“I think what I like most about them is that all of it is so pure and genuine – everything from the songs I’m singing that came from my soul, the heart-warming and hilarious reactions from the animals, and my own reactions. 

“None of it is really planned except for just knowing I’m going to sit down and sing a song – I think that’s what makes them so special. 


“I never really know how they’ll turn out so it’s like a real collaboration with the animals.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media.