Deaf Baby Boy Hears Mom For First Time – And His Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

Little Beckett McNaughton was born deaf, but thanks to special hearing aids was given the ability to hear his mom's voice


This deaf baby boy was literally jumping for joy after hearing for the first time.

Little Beckett McNaughton was born deaf, but as his cochlear implant is switched on he can’t help but break out in a beaming smile.

‘Can you hear momma?,’ says mom Jessica as Beckett’s eyes light up instantaneously.

The youngster can’t contain his excitement and begins to jump up and down on his mother’s knee with delight as he hears for the first time.

And as both parents begin talking to Beckett, he quickly switches his focus from one to the other, as he begins to pinpoint where certain sounds are coming from.

Moment deaf Beckett has his hearing aids are switched on for the first time in Lewiston, Maine, USA
Pic from – Jessica McNaughton, Beckett McNaughton and Caleb McNaughton pictured as Beckett’s hearing aids are switched on for the first time in Lewiston, Maine, USA

Dad Caleb McNaughton, a high school life science teacher from Monmouth, Main, told “It was such a good reaction.

“It was all making sense to him after we switched on his stylish blue hearing aids.

“He could tell that it wasn’t just our lips moving, but sounds were actually coming out too.”

The amazing moment was filmed at Beckett’s audiologists office in Lewiston, Maine, USA, as his cochlear implants were switched on. Before this, Beckett had lived in silence for the first six months of his life.


During the video, Jessica can be heard saying hello, before Beckett begins jumping up and down in his mother’s arms.

But as his excitement grows, six-month-old Beckett can barely contain his delight.

And as the excitement turns to wonder, the reality of the overwhelming sensation of hearing the world around hits home.

Dad Caleb can be heard saying: “It all makes sense now, doesn’t it.

“It’s a bit overwhelming [for him] – it just got real!”