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Daughter Sees Mom for First Time in 9 Months at School Play, Sprints to Reunite

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A nine-year-old girl performing in her school’s play sprinted from the stage in happy tears when she clocked her military-serving mom at the other end of the hall.

Armani Guerra had not seen her mom Shyanna Duenas for nine months, as Shyanna had been serving overseas in Kuwait.

In the sweet video, Armani is standing as part of a choir on stage, at her elementary school in San Angelo, Texas.

But then, as Shyanna enters the room, Armani immediately recognizes the fact staring back at her and races from her group of fellow students and into her mom’s arms for an emotional hug.

The moment took place on November 11 and was planned by Armani’s father, grandmother and teachers.

Armani sees her military mom in the audience and sprints to reunite with her. ©T&T Creative Media

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Shyanna, from Killeen, Texas, said: “The moment played out perfectly – we planned on surprising her at the end of her play, so I watched from behind a window.

“When I came out it took her a while to realize I was there, but once she did, she ran off the stage.

“I felt happy and sad because she cried – it was a big ball of emotions.


“I was relieved, being able to hold her, and just had tears of joy.”


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