Good NewsFunnyDad Makes Surprise Jason Kelce-Style Entrance at Kids' Taylor Swift Party

Dad Makes Surprise Jason Kelce-Style Entrance at Kids’ Taylor Swift Party

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A dad made quite an entrance into a kids’ Taylor Swift-themed birthday party, walking into his family’s living room dressed as a topless Jason Kelce.


Kelce, the older brother of Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs, went viral when he stripped topless in freezing temperatures to celebrate his sibling’s touchdown against the Buffalo Bills on January 21.

With this in mind, football-loving dad Bear Haring, 39, from Illinois, thought his daughter Winnie’s Taylor Swift-themed party would be the perfect opportunity to make a similar statement.

As friends and family gathered at his family’s home on January 27, Bear entered the room with a beer in one hand – like Kelce – and his daughter in the other.

There was lots of attention to detail, too, such as Bear wearing the same-colored sweatpants, boots, and beanie as the Philadelphia Eagles center.

The gesture, which was captured on video by Bear’s wife Andrea, brought guests to bursts of laughter.


According to Andrea, 38, Bear had initially wanted to spend the entire party dressed as a topless Kelce, but his wife informed him that clothes should be a priority.

Andrea, a self-confessed “more recent Swiftie,” said that she has always been a fan of themed parties, and so she thought Winnie’s first birthday would be a perfect opportunity to celebrate all things Swift.

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On one wall, there was a selection of “Winnie’s Eras,” which saw the one-year-old’s photos edited onto 10 Swift album covers.


Elsewhere, guests could find Winnie’s 1989-themed cake, as well as friendship bracelets, which Swift fans are renowned for wearing.

Andrea said: “Bear originally wanted to dress like Jason Kelce without a shirt for the entire party, but I told him, ‘Jason wore clothes prior to jumping out of the stadium suite with his shirt off, you’ll have to make an entrance.’

“I honestly just wanted a few pictures of our family together – with his shirt on.

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“He went into the bedroom to change Winnie into her birthday onesie for her cake smash, and that’s when he emerged without a shirt, in grey sweatpants, boots, and a beanie… while holding our daughter and a beer can.


“The entire party was surprised, to say the least.

“He told me he wanted to dress up for the theme, so when he came out, I laughed and supported him.

Jason’s wife Kylie Kelce said, ‘That’s my husband.’”

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