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Dad Gets Teary-Eyed When Daughter Surprises Him With First-Ever Packers Tickets

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A dad couldn’t hold back his tears when his daughter surprised him with tickets to see his beloved Green Bay Packers for the very first time – against her team.

Packers’ tickets are notoriously difficult to come by, but ever since he was a nine-year-old, Wilbert Sattler, now 58, had dreamed of one day attending a game.

While Wilbert, from St. Clarksville, Ohio, was able to convince his son to become a Cheesehead, too, his daughter, Lana, 25, opted to support the Pittsburgh Steelers, whose games she follows closely.

Having seen the Packers were set to play the Steelers around her father’s birthday, Lana opted to work overtime and used some of her bonus to secretly buy her father a pricey ticket.

After Lana’s mom and brother heard of the planned surprise, they, too, decided to buy Wilbert Packers gifts: a jacket and one of the team’s fans’ infamous cheese heads.

On November 7, at his home in Ohio, Wilbert, an Air Force veteran who served in Japan, opened the physical gifts, explaining how much he’d always wanted to cheese head and Green Bay jacket.


Next, though, it was time for Lana’s gift.

After presenting her dad with a card, Lana showed the 58-year-old her phone, which featured confirmation of their trip to a game in just five days’ time.

Wilbert looked genuinely stunned, before getting misty eyes at the thoughtfulness of the gift.

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Lana’s mom, Gisela, captured the surprise on video, and after Lana had posted it online, the clip quickly went viral with people asking to see his experience of the day.

Not to disappoint, Lana uploaded a video of their day out, which included short clips of Lana picking him up for the day, making the excitable drive, and being at the game itself – which the Packers lost, 23-19.

Lana said: “It went much better than I could’ve imagined – my dad was genuinely shocked.

“When he finished reading his card and was able to finally process what I was trying to show him on my phone, his eyes were already getting shiny from tears; he was speechless.

“Then he hit us all with, ‘How much did that cost?!’


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“That was exactly the reaction I wanted but I was fighting back tears myself – my dad has sacrificed so much for his kids and he says the one thing he got right was his family.

“He raised us all to be proud, resilient, and responsible and it felt so good to pay him back a fraction of what he’s given us.

“My dad was like a kid the entire day our seats were to die for and shout out Yinzers for being so kind.

“We were surrounded by Packers fans too so he had a great time.

“At the end of the day, despite the loss, he said he won.”

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