A dad turned up at his daughter’s school on horseback to surprise her on her 15th birthday.

Tito Escamillarode the chestnut-colored horse donning a cowboy hat and boots in  Santa Ana, California.

Turning the camera on himself, Tito says: “Honestly guys, I’m really nervous. I feel like I’m going to serenade my first girlfriend.”

Tito arrives on horseback to surprise his daughter. ©T&T Creative Media
His daughter posing on the horse. ©T&T Creative Media

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As Tito’s daughter leaves school, her friend begins filming her reaction, asking if she’s okay. The stunned daughter is speechless.

The shocked daughter can’t believe her eyes as she rounds a corner to see her father on top of the horse, exclaiming: “He’s on a freakin’ horse, dude!”

As she greets her dad, he dismounts and gives her a bouquet of flowers, before she jumps in the saddle and takes the horse for a ride.

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