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Colorblind Groom Sees the World in Full Color for First Time Thanks to Bride’s Wedding Day Gift

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A bride brought her groom to tears of joy during their first-look wedding shoot as she picked the most colorful location she knew of and surprised him with a pair of colorblind glasses to correct his vision.

Kalle Larsen, 20, presented Tyler Goeckeritz, 23, with the surprise high in the Utah mountains, the couple surrounded by vibrant wildflowers, green grass, and bathed in glorious sunshine.

After Kalle had presented Tyler with the gift at the Albion Basin Alta, he immediately tried the glasses on, allowing him to see certain colors for the first time.

Once the full spectrum had come to light, Tyler started to cry – a wholesome reaction that was captured on camera by their wedding photographer, Jordan Bree.

©Jordan Bree / T&T Creative Media
©Jordan Bree / T&T Creative Media

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Tyler has Deuteranopia, a red/green colorblindness, which causes those colors to look duller and less vivid, and also meant he’d never seen bright colors before the surprise.

The moment took place on July 21, and Jordan later shared footage of the first look on her social media channels.

The post soon went viral, with people all over the world showing their love for Tyler and his sweet reaction.

Kalle, from Saratoga Springs, Utah, said: “I was so happy to see him overjoyed over the fact he can see color.


“All I wanted to do was give him a huge hug.

©Jordan Bree / T&T Creative Media
©Jordan Bree / T&T Creative Media

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“Now he wears the glasses whenever he can and it’s so fun to see his reactions to different things with color.

“This was one of my best decisions, other than marrying him.

“Family and friends have loved the video, and they all thought it was such a sweet gesture.


“Our immediate families keep saying, ‘Our kids are famous,’ so it has definitely been a really fun experience.

“The responses on social media have also been great and people are just so happy for us, which has just been so much fun to see.”


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