Good NewsGrandmother Can’t Hide Emotion When Presented With Surprise Figurine Of Late Husband

Grandmother Can’t Hide Emotion When Presented With Surprise Figurine Of Late Husband

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This is the sweet moment a grandmother was surprised to receive a cartoon figurine of her late husband who had passed away earlier this year.

Arlene O’Driscoll, 80, lost husband Earl after he passed away in January, and so her granddaughter, Cheryl Simpson, wanted to create something special to remember him.

Talented Cheryl, 25, spends her spare time customizing Funko Pops – figures based around pop culture – and so she decided to painstakingly create a version of Earl for Arlene’s 80th birthday.

In the uplifting video, shot on June 8, Arlene opens the package in her Wyoming home and turns to the camera saying, “Oh, it’s one of your little characters.”

But little did she know that inside the box was an intricately detailed representation of her husband, who had worked for the United States Forest Service for a number of years.


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Spending roughly 12 hours on the model, Cheryl had included the likes of Earl’s uniform, sunglasses – and even made him hold a toy of Smokey The Bear.

As Arlene then realizes who the doll represents, she yells, “Oh, Earl!”, before taking a moment to compose herself, holding back tears.

Cheryl said: “I was really happy I could give her a gift that meant so much and made her happy. 


“It was really rough on my grandma watching him fade over the past year, and I wanted her to have something that reminded her of who he was.

“I was really excited, and I even cried myself – I was shaking because I was so nervous but also really excited, mainly, and I wanted her to know I cared.

“If anything, I hope I can make someone smile or realize a small gesture can go a long way.

“I got into collecting Funko Pops and sometimes it feels like I’ve spent a good amount of money on a lot of toys.

“But I’ve also made some people really happy and given them something to always remember – those moments make getting into collecting worth it.”


Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media

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