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An eight-year-old received a new fluffy best friend – after missing playing with his grown up older brothers who had all left home.

Cash Blasingame had begged his mom and dad for a puppy ever since he was old enough to talk.

Unsure about taking on the commitment of a dog until Cash was older, his parents had held off getting a pup.

But after Cash’s older brothers grew up and moved out of the family home near Tulsa, Oklahoma, he no longer had anyone to play with.

So with his eighth birthday fast approaching, his devoted parents decided to get him a new best friend – a Blue Heeler pup called Lizzy.


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Mom Kim teed up the surprise by telling Cash that a friend from school came over and was waiting for him in his bedroom.

And as he strolled to the room confused, Cash was completely unaware of what waited for him on the other side of the door.

As he opened the bedroom door, a cute puppy can be seen standing ono her hind legs ready to greet her new best friend.


Instantly, Cash bursts into tears as he sees Lizzy, before scooping her up and giving the puppy a hug.

Mom Kim Blasingame said: “Cash had begged for a dog ever since he was old enough to talk

“His dad and I weren’t sure we would ever be ready for that commitment, at least not until he was older and even then, we weren’t sure it was something we wanted to commit to.

“But as Cash grew older it was obvious he had a very special connection and love for all animals.

“And since his older 2 brothers were grown and out of the house he had no one to play with. We live on a ranch so we don’t really have close neighbors that he can play with.

“We never told Cash that we were giving in to the idea. So for his 8th birthday we decided it was time.”


Speaking about how they planned the surprise, Kim added: “Cash and I were out running some errands. I had his dad call me to tell me that a friend of his from school came over to the house and was waiting for him to get home so they could play. 

“I told him I forgot what his dad said the friend’s name was, so you can imagine how confused Cash was that any of his friends would show up on our ranch to play. That never happens.

“He was very curious to see who it was.

“ And then when he opened the door, the video says it all. Cash had always said if he had a dog he would want a girl because he had two brothers and he wanted a sister and he would name her Lizzy. So I had a dog tag on her that said ‘Lizzy’.

“He was truly overcome with emotion and his reaction made me overcome with emotion as well. It was perfect timing and just what Cashneeded.

“They are best friends and stuck to each other like glue. Cash needed Lizzy and Lizzy needed Cash.”

Lizzy is a Blue Heeler, which are known as Cattle Dog’s for the prowess in helping herd cows as well as other animals.

As well as being Cash’s new companion, Lizzy now also helps out on the family’s ranch, where she loves herding the cows.

Kim said: “She is a Blue Heeler and is a cow herding dog so now she helps us out on the ranch herding our cattle back in the fences when they get out.

“It took us a while to train her not to try and herd us and bite at our heels all the time when we walked. She wanted to herd the chickens and rabbits too. It’s in her nature.”

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