Boy Reunited With Service Dog After Camp


A heartwarming video captured the moment a boy with special needs was reunited with his service dog after being away at camp.

Jarod Davis, 21, was born with cerebral palsy and congenital heart defect Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) undergoing five open heart surgeries including a transplant.

To help with his condition, his family hoped to match him with a service pup, and worked with a nonprofit called God’s Canine Angels to find a suitable match.

In February, Jarod was matched with Levi, a German Shepherd puppy who they would also help train so Jarod could gain more independence, improve his balance and self-confidence.

Mom and dad Stephanie and John, from Greenville, Virginia, realized the pair formed an instant bond during training, noticing an immediate difference in Jarod with the duo doing everything together.


But in August, when Jarod was going away for Camp Joy, Levi had to stay home as he was still in training – and she was surprised to discover Levi moping about the house looking for Jarod.

Finally, a week later, when it was time for Jarod to return, Stephanie filmed the emotional moment the best buddies were reunited to share with friends and family who keep up to date on what the pair are doing on the page The Adventures of Jarod and Levi.