Over 100 Trucks Carrying Kids With Disabilities Parade Through Town


Children with special needs ride along in over 100 trucks weaving through small towns and waving at joyous crowds in an amazing show of support for the special needs community.

Truck after truck after truck passed through Putten in the Netherlands, and inside the 100 or so vehicles were passengers with special needs smiling and waving at people lining the streets.

Resident Lisa van Malenstein captured the heartwarming moment, which, she said, sees the tour travel through two towns in the area: Putten and Ermelo.

As the trucks passed by, residents came onto the streets and waved to the kids inside the vehicles, with the trucks honked back in appreciation for the support.

According to Lisa, 24, the idea for the local parade came about in 1990, and this year’s string of vehicles included volunteers from 82 companies, all of whom were happy to provide members of the special needs community with a memorable day.


The parade takes place on the last weekend of August each year, and even if local residents happen to forget it is taking place, Lisa said, they can hear it when the trucks start honking.