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Baby’s Cupcake Surprise Leaves Mom in Stitches

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A mom got a sweet surprise when she discovered her baby daughter had broken into a box of cupcakes and started eating them while in the back seat of her car.

Michelle Miller, from San Diego, California, was at her local Walmart with baby Malayvia on May 8, when her daughter spotted some tasty cupcakes which she took a liking to.

As they were going to meet Malayvia’s cousins later, Michelle, 26, purchased the cupcakes for the children, which she packed onto the back seat of her car.

By the time Michelle had packed up the car and quickly returned her cart, she went to finish buckling her daughter up and discovered the carnage 14-month-old Malayvia had caused.

Michelle and her baby daughter Malayvia. ©Michelle Miller / T&T Creative Media

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Having broken into the cupcakes, she also started to eat them and – with half-eaten cupcakes in each hand – was getting food all over her face.

Michelle took a video of her daughter as she continued to munch on the sweet treats because she was so stunned Malayvia was able to break open the packaging and wanted to share the clip with family.

She said: “I was putting up the bags and the shopping cart up – I guess she grabbed it and got it open.

Malayvia unashamedly tucking into the cupcakes, much to her mom Michelle’s amusement. ©Michelle Miller / T&T Creative Media

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“By the time I got in the car and turned around to buckle her lap belt I’d seen what she had done and couldn’t do anything but record.

“I was amazed she knew how to open the container – but I was also happy because I’m thinking ‘my baby is smart!

“I was just in shock and happily annoyed because I was going to have to clean her up after her.

“My family and friend loved the video and got a good laugh – because they know my baby, it just made it even better.”


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