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This is the moment a boy has an amazing encounter with a dolphin – who spins with joy in front of the mesmerized kid.

The porpoise spotted three-year-old Wesley Salvador in the crowd at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and began following him.

And as Wesley turned to engage, the pair shared an incredible moment.

Video filmed by Wesley’s mom Andrea shows the dolphin putting his nose up to the glass where he has rested his palm.

And after Wesley spins his hand, the dolphin immediately starts showing off, doing twirls in the water.

Wesley’s dad Eric, who was watching on in amazement with the rest of the crowd, said: “As we approached the tank there were around two to three dolphins swimming laps.

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“Suddenly one of them spotted Wesley and did a 180 turn.

“The two were quite mesmerized with one another.

“It was amazing – out of everyone in the crowd, the dolphin fixated on our son and started spinning for him.

“You can hear my wife’s surprise reaction when she says, ‘Look, he did it!’.

“The whole crowd of people behind us were just amazed at what they had just seen.”

Dolphin Plays With Kid

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