Adorable Moment Girl With Cerebral Palsy is Surprised With Therapy Puppy at Airport Upon Returning From Summer Camp

She'd wanted a puppy for forever


This is the heart-warming moment a girl with cerebral palsy is surprised with the therapy dog she has always wanted at the airport.

Leah Loewenstern, 12, had just returned from two weeks away at a summer camp when her parents greeted her at arrivals.

But little does she know they have a surprise in store for her – an adorable mini golden doodle puppy.

puppu surprise

Leah, who has left hemiplegia cerebral palsy due to a utero stroke, had been begging her parents for years asking for a puppy.

So when Leah headed off to summer camp, they secretly set about getting a new pup, which they named Wrigley.


The cute female pup was then held out of sight, while Leah’s mom, Amanda, pretended to struggle taking a pic.

As Leah becomes frustrated with her mom’s inability to work the camera for the picture she’s posing for, her aunt Shelby Vojcak creeps up holding Wrigley in their arms at O’Hare airport, Chicago, USA.

As Leah turns around, she immediately spots the dog, before exclaiming, “What is that?”, to which her mom replies, ‘It’s yours!’.

A shocked Leah bursts into happy tears as she embraces and thanks her mom, before hugging her new emotional support dog, Wrigley.

Amanda said: “Leah has been begging for a puppy for what feels like forever.

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“She’s been away to a summer camp for children with special needs for the first time ever, so we decided that we would finally surprise her with the puppy she’s always wanted.

“We showed up at the airport with our new min golden doodle. Pup, Wrigley, and gave Leah the surprise of a lifetime.

“She was so shocked, and the two have been inseparable ever since.”

Wrigley will eventually become an emotional support and therapy dog to assist Leah in all aspects of her life.

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media