Wife Plans Elaborate Scavenger Hunt For Husband With Surprise Puppy At The End


A scavenger hunt led a husband to an adorable surprise – a new puppy.

Ethan Lenegar had earlier surprises his wife Lyndee with a olden retriever, so when the time came for the pair to expand their family she knew just what to surprise him with – an adorable Bernese Mountain dog.

On June 3, Lyndee purchased a six-week old puppy from a breed in Ohio without telling Ethan.

As she waited for the cute critter to be flown to their home state of Texas, she planned out an elaborate scavenger hunt that would lead Ethan to his new pet.

Once the Bernese mountain puppy arrived – which Lyndee called Snoopy – she secretly collected him and whisked him off to her friends house.


And once Ethan arrived he spotted a clue taped to the front door, which kick-started the treasure hunt.

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Lyndee said: “I told my husband I was going to dinner with a friend, but really I was collecting the puppy and heading to my friend’s house who was on vacation.

“I set up the scavenger hunt notes and his the puppy around the back door where the last clue led to.”


To set up Ethan, she left a note in the bedside cabinet that read: ‘Surprise! It’s game night. Wear something comfy and come over to Torri’s.”

Little did he know he was about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

As he arrives at the front door, and with Lyndee filming, Ethan spots the note, which is a riddle he has to answer – leading him to another note under the door mat.

After cracking the second riddle and locating the next clue tapped to a chair, he is led on a wild goose chase around the house.

With a few prompts from Lyndee, Ethan was eventually led out the back of the house where to his shock little Snoopy was sitting in a dog basket.


Speechless, Ethan immediately hugs his new best friend as the cute critter runs out towards him.

Lyndee said: “My husband has always wanted a Bernese mountain dog for as long as I have known him.

“A year ago he surprised me with a golden retriever, so I figured the least I could do was surprise him with a puppy of his own.

“As father’s day was coming up, it felt like the perfect time to gift him a new best friend.”

Lyndee, from Van, Texas, says she was incredibly anxious in the run up to it – forever fearful that Ethan would discover her plan.

She added: “I was super excited and also super anxious. It was a long two weeks waiting for Snoopy to get clearance to travel so I could pick him up from the airport, but it was all worth it.”

Story courtesy of T&T Creative Media