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6-Year-Old Girl’s Face Lights up When She Sees Mom Has Traveled Cross Country to Be in Audience

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A six-year-old girl lit up and could not stop looking into the audience with a smile on her face when she realized her mom had traveled across the country to watch her recital.

Alexis Holcomb, 26, traveled from her home in Pennsylvania to Virginia to be there for her daughter Elsa’s big performance.

Alexis and Elsa’s father split up a number of years ago, with the six-year-old now based with her father during school time.

As a result, Elsa first lived in Washington State before recently moving to Virginia.

She and her mom speak via video call almost every day, and knowing how much they love to sing together, Alexis said there was no way she was going to miss her daughter’s recital.


Having arrived in Virginia, Alexis said she could not see her daughter before the recital, so the moment came as a complete surprise to Elsa.

Alexis sat in the audience and began recording on her cellphone, hoping to capture her daughter’s performance.

Elsa spots her mom in the crowd and smiles with glee (left); the pair together after the recital (right).©Alexis Holcomb / T&T Creative Media

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In the video, Elsa can be seen clocking her mother, which brought a wide smile to her face and caused her to look back in Alexis’ direction many times during the performance.


After the show, which took place on May 14, Elsa met her mom and the pair spent the weekend together, shopping, eating out, and staying in a nice hotel.

Alexis said: “I arrived and I wasn’t able to see her before she went in, so I knew she’d be surprised.

“Everything was so beautiful. I needed to savor this moment.

“I pulled out my camera and began recording.

“I was literally crying before she even came in – it’s so hard to describe the joy and love I still feel.


“Everytime I think about it, I cry.

“When she first turned my way, I thought that she spotted me, so I waved – but she didn’t see me.

“When she did, my heart melted.

“I was sobbing and shaking like a newborn baby.

“I love her so much and to see her reaction just made my whole entire world.

“These are the moments I live for.”


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