Good NewsFunnyTwo-Year-Old Boy's Excitement for New Dinosaur Backpack Warms Hearts on Flight

Two-Year-Old Boy’s Excitement for New Dinosaur Backpack Warms Hearts on Flight

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A two-year-old boy warmed hearts on his recent flight as he walked through a plane and proudly showed passengers his new dinosaur backpack.

Youngster Beck, from Dallas, Texas, had been jealous of his twin sisters’ backpacks on their previous trip, and so his mom, Cassidy, 39, decided to treat the two-year-old for their latest beach trip.

Beck loves dinosaurs, so his parents decided to replace his old, generic backpack with one with prehistoric creatures on.

As soon as Beck got the backpack, he would not put it down, his mom said.

Before heading to the beach, he immediately filled it with items and wore it around the house for two days ahead of traveling.


Then, when Beck boarded a plane in St. Louis, Missouri, his mom encouraged the kids to say hello to the flight attendants who were escorting her family onto the flight.

The twins, shyly, didn’t respond, but a proud Beck showed the attendants his new backpack.

Beck walks down the aisle telling passengers to check out his new backpack. ©@itscako / T&T Creative Media

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Having received an upbeat response, he then proceeded to show every passenger as he made his way down the aisle to his seat.


With Cassidy’s camera rolling, passenger after passenger admired Beck’s backpack as he turned to show them.

Cassidy later shared the video on her TikTok channel, where it received more than two million views.

She said: “Beck wanted to show everyone his new backpack and walked the entire way to the seat showing everyone his new backpack.

“I loved seeing everyone’s faces light up when he walked by to show them his backpack.

“The positive reinforcements kept him going and it was a little piece of joy for the day.  


“The response to the video has been really positive.

“I was so surprised that each person treated him with so much compassion and excitement each in their own unique ways.”


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