Good NewsWoman Surprises Loving Stepdad With Emotional Adoption Proposal After Her Mom Passed...

Woman Surprises Loving Stepdad With Emotional Adoption Proposal After Her Mom Passed Away

Her mom's death had meant legally she was without parents

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A woman surprised her loving stepdad with an emotional adoption proposal following the death of her mom which left her legally without parents.

Ariel Gray, 28, had been in contact with her stepfather Calvin Schager every day since her mother, Diane Gray, passed away from metastatic breast cancer in September 2019.

Calvin, 54, had been part of Ariel’s life since she was 12 and their bond had grown so much, she knew she wanted Calvin to become her legal father.

The Full letter from Ariel:
Hey Calvin. 
You have always been a dad to me. I never knew what a father figure really was until you came into my life. 
Although growing up with me, and me being a ‘normal teenager,’ you had always cared and showed me love and compassion in a truly caring way.
Legally, since mom passed, I now have no parents, as you know.
I am 28 and I don’t know why I did not ask this earlier or had even thought about it. The process is relatively simple, and I will fund it; and I was wondering if you would be my dad forever. 
Since mum’s been gone, you’ve really shown me what it’s like to have a father in my life, and I wouldn’t want anyone else other than you.
 I love you. Ariel.

At Calvin’s home in Egan, South Dakota, Ariel presented Calvin with a letter, which explained her love for him and the decision she had decided to make.

Calvin started to well up as he read through note, and as he reached the end, Ariel showed him a t-shirt that read, “You’ve been the dad I’ve always dreamed of. Will you be my dad forever?”


The loving moment took place on May 17, and since courthouses in their area have been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the pair hope to make the adoption official soon.

Ariel, whose biological father lost custody of her when she was young, said: “I was nervous, but I knew he would say yes.

“I wanted to document the surprise because this moment meant a lot to me.

“Mom would have been very proud.


“I never thought to ask but since legally I don’t have parents, I thought this was a way to make it even more official, even though he’s always been there for me like a dad.

“Adoption doesn’t have to be when you’re under 18, it doesn’t even have to be legal for me – your family regardless of blood is who has been there for you like family.”

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