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Woman Secretly Captures Fiance’s Hilarious Dance Moves as He Clears Snow From Driveway

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A woman secretly captured the hilarious moment her fiancé turned the tedious task of snow-blowing their driveway into a private dance party.


Connor Van Der Merwe, from Traverse City, Michigan, had no idea his partner Chelsea Reyher was recording as he boogied his way down the drive, snow blasting in all directions.

According to Chelsea, 28, Connor is always a happy guy, finding the good in everything, and on a snowy Saturday afternoon, on January 20, she noticed him dancing along as he cleared their drive.

Sitting inside the house, Chelsea grabbed her phone and secretly started recording Connor, 28, who paused for a second, selected a track, and then continued to party as he walked along the driveway.

Chelsea said her husband has the “best taste in music,” often finding new artists and remixes through deep dives on SoundCloud.

At this particular moment, she said, Connor was listening to a mash-up of songs by Kendrick Lamar, Toto, and Tame Impala.


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She discovered this after Connor had returned to the house and Chelsea had shown him the amusing clip.

Chelsea later posted the video online, where Connor’s moves went viral, receiving millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Chelsea said: “Watching him enjoy such a tedious task like snow blowing the driveway during a winter storm makes my heart scream with happiness because I get to marry such a hardworking man who makes the best of any situation.


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“All of our friends and family are absolutely blown away with how this video took off on social media.

“Connor and I don’t even know what to think of it, but reading the comments is one of our favorite things because our video brought joy to so many people.

“The kindness we received from so many strangers is overwhelming and makes us so happy.

“I’ve always wanted the world to know how great of a person Connor truly is, and that’s why I posted it on TikTok.”


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