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    A California couple drove 86 miles with a truck bed full of snow to give their great-grandchild a first-time winter experience.


    Russ Furse, a retired police lieutenant, and Carol Nelson recently celebrated the birth of their third great-grandchild.

    Planning a visit to their grandson, Alex Chavers, his fiancé Jesse Rood, and their children in Huntington Beach, California, the couple seized a unique opportunity when snow fell near their home in Lake Arrowhead.

    After collecting an estimated 600-700 pounds of snow, Furse and Nelson made the nearly two-hour drive to the coast, surprising the family with a personal flurry of winter fun.

    One-year-old Carter Chavers, along with his older brothers Jacob and Adam, delighted in the unexpected snowfall.

    “They all were playing snowball fight, running around, we even built a mini snowman,” said stay-at-home mom Jesse Rood.


    “Carter was feeling the snow and was amazed by it. He was laughing and ended up even throwing a little snowball at his big brothers.”

    California Great-Grandparents Drive 86 Miles With Truck Full of Snow for Toddler’s First Winter Wonder


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