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A man was left speechless after his wife secretly hid a bun in their oven and waited for him to find it after she found out she was pregnant.

On the way home from picking up daughters Karder from daycare and Emerson from preschool, KadieBeth asked husband Trevor to stop at the grocery store.

He had no idea earlier that morning KadieBeth had taken a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with the couple’s third child.

So, while in the store, she secretly picked up a bun and after getting home spotted an opportunity to hide it in the oven, also setting up her phone to record Trevor’s reaction.

While he’s in the kitchen, KadieBeth asks Trevor to preheat the oven and take some pans out, and as he bends down to open the over door discovers the bun sitting there.


It’s not until he says the words ‘I thought the kids put a bun in the oven’ he figures out what is happening shouting ‘…there’s a bun in the oven?!’ dropping it to the floor.

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KadieBeth, from Rapid City, South Dakota, said: “I was going to surprise my husband some other creative way but couldn’t hold in the secret for one whole day.

“After checking out at the grocery store I had to stuff the bun in my coat pocket and ditch the receipt so there was no evidence of my upcoming surprise.


“When we got home, Trevor headed into the garage to get a few things done. Perfect timing for me to hide my cell phone and plant the surprise in the oven.

“When he came back in, I asked him to preheat the oven for a pizza and take out the pans. The reaction when he found the bun was priceless.

“I knew he would be shocked, we had always talked about having a third baby, but it actually happening was something I don’t think he expected so soon.

“I was so excited to tell him, I absolutely love being a mom, and I was definitely expecting him to be shocked and not believe me.

“We find out the gender in May then the newest member of the Clemmons crew will arrive October 2019.”


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