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Sister Embraces Brothers in Emotional Reunion After Mom’s Loss

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A woman has shared the emotional moment she returned home for the first time since her mom’s passing to surprise her teenage brothers on the football field.


Kailie Ross had not seen her brothers Christopher, 16, and Noah, 15, since their mom Natalie had passed away under tragic circumstances two months earlier.

Kailie is currently based in Ohio, attending Bowling Green College, but she had been desperate to return home to Alexandria, Louisiana, to give her siblings a much-needed hug.

Then as Christopher and Noah were warming up for their game, Kailie headed across the field to surprise them while her boyfriend, Ethan, captured the moment on video.

Just how much the hug meant to Christopher and Noah could be seen on their faces.

Later in the week, the family planned a memorial for Natalie, who passed away in tragic circumstances at age 36.


Speaking of the surprise she planned for her brothers, Kailie said: “It made me feel so whole when I finally got to hug them again.

“Being away from my siblings has been extremely difficult during this time, so to finally be able to spend real time together was all I wanted. They’re forever my babies.

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“Even though we live across the country, we all grew up together.


“We lived in the same house until I was a sophomore in High School, so it’s still weird for me not to be around them all the time.

“My friends and family were so excited about the video. I had quite a few people tell me it made them cry because they knew how much it meant to us.”

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